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It's still pretty cold outside but the winter days are dwindling down and the start of a new season is coming.

The following is a list of players who have voted for the server the most times in the month of February. To vote type /vote in game or visit
Thanks for supporting the server everyone and even if you didn't get in the top 10, you still get lot of prizes for voting everyday! The top voters for the month of March will receive:
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The cold weather is slowly wearing off; the month of January is now over, so is the voting contest! Thanks to everyone who voted for our server!

Before proceeding to the announcement, I would like to mention the staff changes that were made last month:

[ChaosAndCoffee] Admin Retired
[Mieluna] Moderator Retired
[BKeZ] Member Moderator
[SidodiS] Member Moderator

Thanks for your service, gentlemen! Do MagicaCraft well!
Top 10 voters:

1. DimeSeeker - 189
2. JPX2000 - 167
3. Mista_Max - 157
4. MUFINEATER | Lucas_William_F | blacktiger972 - 151
7. SidodiS - 143
8. BKez - 142
9. jokerplan | meganium2 - 141

Congratulations to all the winners! Contact a Administrator or Owner in game or over Skype for your rewards.
Didn't win? Don't feel bad! You can win even more epic rewards this month!
The rewards for February are:

1 $30 Voucher, 25 Crates, 60 Gems, 9 Gapples, God Armor + Sword + Bow, 3 Creeper Eggs
2 $25 Voucher, 20 Crates, 50 Gems, 8 Gapples, God Armor + Sword, 2 Creeper Eggs
3 $20 Voucher, 15 Crates, 40 Gems, 7 Gapples, God Sword, 1 Creeper Egg
4 $15 Voucher, 10 Crates, 30 Gems, 6 Gapples
5 $10 Voucher, 10 Crates, 20 Gems, 5 Gapples
6 - 10 $5 Voucher, 5 Crates, 15 Gems
Good luck to everyone this month! Use "/votetop" to...
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Happy New Year everyone! We hope 2014 was a good year for you and may 2015 be an even better one. With a new year comes new changes on MagicaCraft so we have decided to reintroduce Overpowered enchantments previously know as "Custom". We will do our best to balance out the introduction of overpowered enchantments to keep the server fair for ALL players.

Below will be the rewards for the top voters during the month of January. Vote everyday on every website to get in the top 10. You can check the top 10 at any time by typing /votetop.

1st place -- $30 Voucher, 30Crates, 100 Gems, 9 Gapples, God Armor + God Sword + God Bow, 3 Creeper Eggs
2nd place -- $25 Voucher, 25 Crates, 90 Gems, 8 Gapples, God Armor + Sword, 2 Creeper Eggs
3rd place -- $20 Voucher, 20 Crates, 80 Gems, 7 Gapples, God Sword, 1 Creeper Egg
4th place -- $15 Voucher, 15 Crates, 70 Gems, 6 Gapples, 1 Creeper Egg
5th place -- $10 Voucher, 10 Crates, 60 Gems, 5 Gapples, 1 Creeper Egg
6th - 10th place -- $5 Voucher, 5 Crates, 50 Gems, 4 Gapples, 1 Creeper Egg

A random player from the top 10 voters will receive a set of Protection 10 God Armor and a Sharpness 10 God sword!

It's not too late to try for top voter for this month! Vote everyday to get these rewards!

Top voters for the month of December:
  1. blade4374
  2. JPX2000
  3. SidodiS
  4. BKez
  5. Enricom100
  6. DimeSeeker
  7. Kylelawnmower
  8. jokerplan
  9. Mista_Max
  10. kennymoshi
Rewards for the month of December:...
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Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! We hope you are enjoying your winter break! MagicaCraft has been doing very well in the past few months and we are looking into upgrading the server and implementing even more features which we are unable to add currently due to our limitation in server capacity.

Some of the features we would love to add include:
  • Another world which we can dedicate to events
  • Reduced lag from double the server capacity
  • McMMO (Without combat mechanics! See below.)
  • Possibly adding Overpowered enchantments (With vote, See below)

McMMO is a very resource intensive plugin that we would like to add but we know there’s a lot of hate towards it because it “ruins the PVP aspect.” We would like to introduce this plugin without ANY of these combat features to allow players to compete in various skills such as mining, and woodcutting. Overall we think this plugin would add a lot of entertainment to the server.

Overpowered enchantments (previously known as “custom”) may be reintroduced if we get a majority vote on this thread. So please leave your opinion below and explain why you want it or why not. Be sure to give feedback about McMMO aswell.

There is a 40% off sale only lasting on Christmas and the day after. Afterwards the sale will go down to 30% off. These sales will end January 5th at so make your purchases now.
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It's already December! Christmas is almost here and 2014 is coming to an end. Christmas is just around the corner, and a whole new year is coming ahead! Yes, 2015!
Stay tuned since we'll organize some giveaways and special events for Christmas; just for our community. We also expect more traffic during this winter break. Hope you guys have fun and play fair!

Rewards for the month of December: (Really good prizes this month!!!)
1st place -- $50 Voucher, 50 Crates, 100 Gems, 15 Gapples, God Armor + Sword + Bow, 6 Creeper Eggs, and a Limited Edition Present
2nd place -- $40 Voucher, 40 Crates, 80 Gems, 13 Gapples, God Armor + Sword, 5 Creeper Eggs, and a Limited Edition Present
3rd place -- $30 Voucher, 30 Crates, 60 Gems, 10 Gapples, God Sword, 4 Creeper Egg, and a Limited Edition Present
4th place -- $20 Voucher, 20 Crates, 50 Gems, 7 Gapples, 3 Creeper Egg, and a Limited Edition Present
5th place -- $15 Voucher,...