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We recently had an issue where Guild (Kiwi), one of the members of our Administration team, went rogue and took out a lot of important server related assets including the website, Buycraft, and a development server where we test and configure plugins for the server before making them live.

Guild (Kiwi) Information:

Username: Guild/MrKlwl
Minecraft UUID: cfb1adb8-6acd-4dbf-a6c1-7694c28b5b1c

Name: Karn (Confirmed)
Email: [email protected] (Verified)
Location: Botswana (Confirmed)
Most recent IP:

So far we have fully restored the forums to their latest version as of Wednesday April 15th and are awaiting support to restore the Buycraft. I would like to thank everyone who notified me of the issue and those who did what they could to keep the server in order while I was unable to respond.

You can try to knock us down but we'll just get back up again and keep going.
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Happy Easter everyone! We hope you are having a great day spending time with family or friends. It's hard to believe that we're already a third of the way through the year already but time flies.

This month we will be hosting a raffle for all voters who obtain 50 or more votes. There will be 3 drawings this month which may be increased in later months.

April Top Voter Rewards
Note: More rewards will be added during the month.
Raffle Winners Rewards *new*
Note: Each raffle winner will win all of the following

The following is a list of players who have voted for the server the most times in the month of March. To vote type /vote in game to visit

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It's still pretty cold outside but the winter days are dwindling down and the start of a new season is coming.

The following is a list of players who have voted for the server the most times in the month of February. To vote type /vote in game or visit
Thanks for supporting the server everyone and even if you didn't get in the top 10, you still get lot of prizes for voting everyday! The top voters for the month of March will receive: