by Synth at 3:29 PM
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Hello people of MagicaCraft, I'm Synth. I know I've came out of the nowhere with hardly anyone knowing who I am, but I have known Jupitertree for a while now. As Jupiter has said, he has not given up on the server, but Minecraft has changed a lot in the last 3 years and he has been very busy. I'm here to help manage, maintain, and update MagicaCraft. I'm going to map out an advertisement plan to expand the server even more.

I have a lot of experience with owning, managing, and advertising. Jupiter thought it would be a good idea to keep updates coming into the server in order to expand the player base. So to conclude my introduction, ask me questions and I will try to respond to them as soon as possible. Thank you!
by Vindication at 11:10 PM
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Starting effective immediately, punishments for breaking the rules will be lengthened from the first offence and more. Swearing in public chat is one of the more important reasons that these changes are being put into effect. Punishments can be lengthened as little as five minutes to as long as 40 minutes. Warnings will only be for new players who have recently joined. You will be punished for using derogatory language used against other players, or excessive use.

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Thank you to everyone that has voted this month! It helped out a lot. If you are on the list of top 10 voters and have not received your items, please contact us in game or over Skype to get your rewards.

August Top Voter Rewards!
1 $25 Voucher, 10 Gapples, God Armor + Sword + Bow, 5 Creeper Eggs, 250 McMMO Credits
2 $20 Voucher, 8 Gapples, God Armor + Sword, 4 Creeper Eggs, 200 McMMO Credits
3 $15 Voucher, 7 Gapples, God Sword, 3 Creeper Egg, 150 McMMO Credits
4 $10 Voucher, 6 Gapples, 100 McMMO Credits
5 $10 Voucher, 5 Gapples, 50 McMMO Credits
6-10 $5 Voucher, 2 Gapples, 25 McMMO Credits
The list below are the people who reached top 10 this month! To vote type /vote in game or visit

1. ii_murk - 165
2. BillionareBoySAP - 159
2. iCustom - 159
4. Frosty_SubZero - 157
5. SangoAmerican - 138
6. xBanaNKungeNx - 129
7. VENOMMER - 128
8. Bladekiller_ - 117
9. boxman4ever - 109
9. ProtatoSkills - 109
Thank you again for the continuous support! Voting helps out the server a lot! :)

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