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August has almost come to an end, but there are still few more special features to come!

Mage, Archer, and Assassin are fully functional and we plan on adding more to them in the near future. We're working on the abilities for Warrior in a way that is balanced but also beneficial to the user.

New Features:
Kiwi and Chaos have created a very nice tutorial room explaining everything you may need to know about your specific class. To get there go to /warp classes, and in each island you'll find a portal taking you to the respective tutorial room. The tutorial is a simple and newcomer-friendly.

Events Plugin
The event plugin will return soon with the same setup as it was before, however we do plan on adding loads more features when we have time.

Voting System
We've introduced a brand new rewards system rewards you based on your total votes on top of the normal daily rewards and random chances. When accumulating votes you'll be given various items such as God Apples, MagicaCrates, Gems, and much more. Type "/rewards" ingame to view the list of rewards.

Remember to vote everyday during the month of September! The top 10 voters of the month will the AWESOME rewards. Here's what each of the 10 winner will get:

Type "/votetop" in game to see the top voters of the month!

$30 Voucher, 25 Crates, 60 Gems, 9 Gapples, God Armor + Sword + Bow, 3 Creeper Eggs
$25 Voucher, 20 Crates, 50 Gems, 8 Gapples, God Armor + Sword, 2 Creeper Eggs
$20 Voucher, 15 Crates, 40 Gems,...
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Over the last few weeks, a lot of work has been put into the upcoming MagicaCraft update which is planned for release on Friday August 15th, 2014. This post will go in depth about our current progress and what to expect in the new update as well as a list of custom plugins to look forward to.


Almost all of the structures have been built including:
  • A brand new spawn (High FPS)
  • Many wilderness warps
  • A fully generated map with various custom biomes
  • A massive server shop (Also High FPS)
  • A Donator Shop
  • Enchantment Shop
  • Xp Shop
  • A unique way to select ranks
There are only a few things that we need to complete for the update including an arena (which will also be high FPS) and tutorial room.

Ranks and Classes

With this update MagicaCraft is overhauling the entire rank and classes system.
Note: Ranks and Classes and similar but different. Ranks are groups such as Hero, King, Mod, or Admin. Classes are groups such as Archer, Mage, Warrior, and Assassin. In other words: Paid ranks are no longer classes

Old to new rank Conversion
Eternal > Emperor
Mystic > King
Infernal > Legend
Ancient > Champion
Divine > Lord
Arcane > Hero
Warlord > Noble


We have gathered player feedback on kits and added redstone (and other magical reagents) and potions to kits. Overall many of the kits have been buffed but not...
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On July 23, 2012 I started MagicaCraft not knowing what it would become. At the time servers were a lot smaller and way less competitive. There were no networks, no hubs, just standalone servers. I spent a few days working on the server then opened it publicly. Three months later MagicaCraft was the largest and number one server in the world without any advertising involved. This is because of its original ideas and content never seen on any other servers.

It's hard for me to believe that I have been running this server for two entire years with little outside help. Most issues the server had I figured out and fixed myself to make the server's experience almost seamless. There is a crazy amount of work I have done behind the server to keep it running for this long. I have done everything from writing complex plugins in order to make the server more entertaining to simply making backups to ensure you will still have your inventory the next time you log in. This server would not be what is if it wasn't for the community.

MagicaCraft has been keeping a steady average of around 30 players but the operation costs of the server exceed the income it receives. As I said when I released MagicaCraft 3.0, this was my last attempt to get players on again and it didn't work out too well. Today I planned on shutting down the server and quitting Minecraft forever. However, a few days ago a Developer came to me asking with a ton of ideas to improve MagicaCraft and bring it back to its...
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This week MagicaCraft has implemented a classes system for Mage, Assassin, and Archer. Each of them features a unique set of powers that can be used for their class.

Mages are able to cast spells using the /cast (or /c) command. To see what spells you have type /cast list, and cast with /cast <spell name.>

Assassins are able to climb walls and other obstacles by holding shift and right-clicking a block.

Finally, Archers have a series of special arrows which can be selected using the /arrow or /arrows command. This includes:
Multi Arrow - Fires multiple arrows at once
Poison Arrow - Poisons your opponent when hit
Blinding Arrow - Blinds your opponent when hit
Life Steal Arrow - Drain HP from your target based on the damage you deal
Exploding Arrow - Explodes the arrow on impact
Blink Arrow - Teleports you to the landing location of the arrow
Wither Arrow - Fires a wither skull at your opponent

Warrior abilities and some additional abilities for the other classes will be released next

P.S. This update was released on Friday I just didn't have time to post this until today.
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After hundreds of hours of work and months of planning MagicaCraft 3.0 has finally gone public! You can login right now @ Play.MagicaCraft.Net and enjoy these all new features with many more to come! We have been working very hard on this update and there is a huge list of features we will be implementing in the next few weeks.

The first weekly update will be the full addition of the unique classes system which includes the free ranks: Mage, Assassin, Archer, and Warrior and the paid ranks: Warlord, Arcane, Divine, Ancient, Infernal, Mystic, Eternal.

Be sure to take advantage of the 40% off sale at!
So far the only new packages include the ability to build your own God Sword with Custom Enchantments and permissions for bold nicknames.

Build your own sword here!
This package will allow you to build your own personalized weapon using custom enchantments and vanilla enchants. The custom enchants include the following:
SoulBind - You will keep the sword when you die, but it loses one enchantment level.
LifeSteal - Steals life from your opponent. Higher levels steal more and have a higher rate.
PoisonBlade - Poisons your opponent. Higher levels poison for longer times more often.
Blindness - Blinds your opponent. Higher levels blind for longer times more often.
Freeze - Makes your...